Usher Performed On 'Good Morning America' Wearing Camouflage Not Meant To Be Hidden

Usher's two looks: Jacket on and jacket off.
Photo: Getty Images

Usher stopped by New York City’s Central Park this morning to perform for Good Morning America's summer concert series. And when he took the stage, he did so in a military green cargo jacket, funky camouflage top, white pants, and high top black sneakers. Usually, we wouldn't think so hard about this kind of outfit, but it's Friday and there's nothing else going on, so we figure — why not. Especially because this man ACCESSORIZED! Let's count 'em up: Scarf, suspenders, hat, sunglasses, grommet belt, blingy watch, and gold ring ... seven things! It’s like he told his stylist, 'Yes, I'll take a mix of Pharrell Williams's Billionaire Boys Club look, but throw in some Florida-style old man white pants that kinda look like my protege Justin Bieber while you're at it. Thanks.'

+ Do you like his camo outfit — yes, no, maybe so?


He opened his set wearing a green cargo jacket, relaxed white pants, black sneakers, and sunglasses. Look at how he models that jacket? It's like this pose is saying: EVEN WITH MY ARMS OPEN THIS WIDE, THESE SLEEVES STILL FIT WONDERFULLY!

Here, we get a peek at his camouflage shirt underneath, popping out ever so slightly. But we're a little distracted by his backup guys who are out-T-shirting him in Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd tops.

Here he goes into hiding — behind a black scarf and bowler hat, perhaps because his shirt wasn't doing enough hiding for him. What does he have under there? Bling we can't see?

Here's a full look at his big reveal! Usher ditched the jacket to show off this khaki, green, black, and brown tee, which he wore under studded leather suspenders. By the way, his backup dancers LOVE New York.

Sing it to us, Usher! And SWEAT IT OUT. Do you know how good perspiration is for your skin?

+ Do you like Usher's camo outfit?