Let's Talk About ... Kim Kardashian's Bangs

Before: August 6; After: August 19.
Photo: PictureGroup

Kim Kardashian has bangs now! She chopped off her front pieces yesterday and broke the hair news by Tweeting about her new look (of course she did!). Then, she debuted the new 'do at the fifth season party for Keeping Up With The Kardashians in West Hollywood last night. We must say, this is a great upgrade for her, as the bangs frame her face really well. But as soon as we saw her, we couldn't help but think she reminded us of another starlet who went for the bang chop earlier this year — Glee's Lea Michele (see the picture below). Not everyone can pull this look off, but between Kim and Lea, they make us want to reach for the scissors.

+ Do you like Kim with or without bangs?


Lea after she just got bangs on April 26; Kim on August 19.
Photo: Getty; PictureGroup