Kanye West Gave Himself And His Entourage A Makeover With His New 'Rosewood Movement'

Photo: WWD

Kanye West is starting a fashion movement! The rapper is reportedly trying to revamp his fashion image from sassy streetwear to sophisticated suits, WWD reported today. And he's making his entourage do it with him. He's calling his radical change "The Rosewood Movement," a name inspired by the Rosewood Civil Rights Movement (read more about that here). What does his new thing mean exactly? WELL, rather than leopard pants, green jackets, and bright sneakers, Kanye is making sure everyone associated with him is outfitted in designer suits. Most recently, Kanye and Crew were spotted in Dior Homme classic skinny suits, each of which cost $2,200. Kanye is also reported to be wearing Dior Homme on tour, and PERHAPS that means even his VMA performance on September 12. But we still can't get over how he's now a dress code enforcer! Who would've thought?

+ Which look do you like better for Kanye — streetwear or suits? Will his movement catch on?