PHOTOS: See Blake Lively In Handcuffs For 'Interview' Magazine

Photo: Courtesy of Interview

We hardly recognized Gossip Girl star Blake Lively when we saw her on the cover of Interview magazine's September issue, which just dropped. There was something about her eyes and lips that just didn't feel like her, or maybe it was the handcuffs she was wearing as accessories that blocked a full view. Either way, her cover line: "Hot, Young, And Out Of Control" got our attention, especially because she was interviewed by Ben Affleck, Lively's co-star in the upcoming film The Town. There are lots more photographs (shot by Craig McDean) inside, and the spread illustrates the idea of her seducing cops, which is then caught on tape. The fashion is black, black, and more black, while her blond hair is swept in a beautiful wave and her lips are bright red. See the whole spread below. Do you like Blake's serious high-fashion look?


The cover line: Hot, Young, and Out of Control. FEISTY!

Here she uses cleavage to seduce the cops. Not recommended in real-life situations.

A garter belt and leggings! Taylor Momsen would approve.

In jail with fur on! PETA would NOT approve.

Who is that cop? And is he from Law & Order?

Blouses are meant to be worn with all the buttons closed. Unless you're Blake Lively.

The sanitary conditions of a real glass window in a police station are not nearly as nice as the one she's pressed up against in this picture. Just so you know.

More suggestive poses.

Her eyeroll here is classic! It says, 'HOW YOU BORE ME WITH YOUR HANDCUFFS.' Been there, done that, over it.

Notice how in the previous shot she had just a clutch, and here she has a clutch AND gloves. Only for Blake is lockup that magical.