Do You Like Demi Lovato's Shoes?

Photo: Getty Images

When Demi Lovato stopped by the set of Fox & Friends in New York this morning, we initially thought she was going for a casual look. The Disney darling wore a slouchy beige tee over a black tank top, and gray skinny jeans down below. Then, we looked down again and thought, WHAT IS THAT FOOTWEAR SHE HAS ON?! The shoes/boots seem to be inspired by the spat boots we spotted on Fendi's fall 2009 runway, though they're not exactly the same (see a close-up below). We’re usually such a fan of the trendy actress, but this look leaves us with our eyebrows raised.

+ What about you — do you like Demi’s shoes, yes or no?


On left: Fendi shoes. On right: Demi's footwear.
Photo: Getty Images

Left: Aldo; Right: Bakers.

UPDATE: Ashley Spiker of tipped us off to a few more variations of this shoe, which also look similar to the ones that Demi is wearing, and Fendi-inspired as well. On the left is the Gottron by Aldo, on sale for $49.98. On the right is the Tease by Bakers, which sell for $119.95. Like these?