Let's Talk About ... Lady Gaga Covered Her Studded Bra With A Fan's Tank Top In San Jose

Photo: PictureGroup

Everything Lady Gaga wears ends up in the spotlight, from her rhinestone-covered bras to nipple stickers and everything in between. That's why we were so excited to see her to change it up (for a quick minute, at least) and throw on one of her fan's tank tops on stage on Monday night when her Monster Ball tour swung through San Jose, California. The hem of white top was slashed and cut to above her midriff, so it covered just about all of her studded bra, and it featured the handwritten words "Monster Ball 8/16 San Jose CA" on it front and center. After a little digging, a guy named "Brandon" claimed that it was his tank in the comments section of San Francisco Weekly's All Shook Down blog, which may or may not be true. In any case, after seeing her wear a fan's item, just imagine how many people wish they had thrown their tank tops at her, too!

+ What would you make for Lady Gaga to wear?