Get The Look: Leggings Inspired By Semi Precious Weapons Song Lyrics

Justin Tranter on August 14.
Photo: Getty Images

Semi Precious Weapons lead singer and Lady Gaga BFF Justin Tranter pranced around all week in a new pair of pants. Well, not pants necessarily, but leggings. Twice in the past five days, he's been snapped rocking this cream pair with words scrawled over them and patches near the knees. Turns out, the bottoms are part of the new Nude Collection by Lyric Culture, and the words written on them are lyrics from the Semi Precious Weapons song 'Sticky With Champagne.' While these leggings are listed under the women's section (they sell for $90 a pair online), Justin clearly proves these are genderless. Though, if leggings don't fancy you, the new collection also features a 'Sticky With Champagne' scarf ($72) and off-the-shoulder top ($62), so you can "stick" to that, instead.

+ UPDATE: More info! Justin Tweeted us and wrote: "It's my actual handwriting and drawings, inspired by my tattoos, on all the clothing." How artistic. Would you wear these?