PHOTOS: Kristin Cavallari Is A Cover Model For 'Maniac' Magazine!

Photo: Maniac Magazine

September is the one of the most important months of the year for fashion magazines. That's why we're so pleased to see MTV star Kristin Cavallari land on the cover of Pittsburgh-based Maniac magazine's September fashion issue! While on the cover she posed in a black halter romper, inside she wore colorful floaty pieces (see all of the photos below). She also told the magazine about plans to launch an affordable shoe line next spring: "Not all of my fans can afford $900 Louboutins," she said. The only thing that's a little weird is how she's sitting pretty with the word Maniac scrawled in big, bold letters over her head. But that's what you get when the magazine is named that, anyway.


Kristin Cavallari to Maniac magazine: "I am obsessed with Balmain and Alexander Wang. Those are my two obsessions right now." Halter romber by Petro Zillia, earrings by Mawi London, cuff by Elizabeth Cole. Shot by April Hubal for Maniac Magazine.

"My style inspiration is Kate Moss. I really like Sienna Miller as well. Kate Hudson can do the boho-chic really well. I love her style but I don't think it's one I can necessarily pull off all the time." Top by Valerj Pobega, silver spike earrings by Chris Habana.

Tank by Greige Noir, mini by AMI Clubwear, cuff by Cassandra, spike earrings by Chris Habana, peep-toe boots by Charles David.

Dress by Carlotta Gherzi for Sado.

"'I love shoes!' Not only did she say she loves shoes, but she went a step further to say she is working on her own shoe line, set to launch in the spring. Though the line itself doesn't have an official name, Kristin wants the main focus to be affordability. 'Not all of my fans can afford a $900 pair of Louboutins.'" Left: Blue top by Garcia Fashion, black sequin pants by Rockstar Sushi, bracelet by Chris Habana, necklaces by Gypsy Global Boutique. Right: Yellow dress by Camila and Mark, hoops by Sharelli Inc., ring by Miles Mcneel, platforms by Charles David.

"Dress for your body. There are so many times where you can see a girl on a runway and it's [the design] the cutest thing ever, but you know, if you're not 5'10" and super skinny, half that stuff doesn't look good on you. I'm really short, so I know that. You just have to dress for your body type and not what the latest trend is." Black and white dress by Valerj Pobega, spike earrings and bracelet by Chris Habana, peep-toe boots by Charles David.

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