Video Music Awards 2010: Justin Bieber And Janelle Monae Have Similar Style!

Photo: MTV/Getty Images

Getting excited for the Video Music Awards on September 12? We are! And we have Mr. Justin Bieber to thank for the little style butterflies happening in the belly of our blog right now. That's because MTV just released NEW behind-the-scenes photos of The Biebs shooting his promo commercial for the VMAs (watch the whole spot here). At the shoot, he told MTV News that his look is inspired by the Beatles, but in terms of music legends, we think he channels more of an Elvis Presley "Hound Dog" look (see below). Though, we're spotting MORE than just the Beatles or Elvis resemblance here. Rather, we think he has the same style as Janelle Monae, with that white tuxedo jacket with a black lapel and black dress slacks. Both pull off the look quite well, don't you think? But who looks better — Justin or Janelle? You tell us.

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Bieber, is that you?