Get The Look: Kat Graham's Rhinestone Eye Makeup

Photo: PictureGroup

We'll admit, when someone says they bedazzled something, we're not exactly jumping to recreate the look. But, in an amazingly-wearable move, Vampire Diaries star Katerina "Kat" Graham bedazzled her greenish-gray eyes with little rhinestones at the Teen Choice Awards last week, and the 20-year-old made the embellishments look enviable enough for us to want to copy her look. Read below to find out how to recreate her sparkling eyes yourself, with tips from Jason Garner, makeup artist and national training manager for DuWop Cosmetics.



"With a blending brush, apply a brown eyeshadow all over the lid," says Garner, like Maybelline's Eye Studio Color in Copper Chic ($9.49, Follow with a deeper brown shade through the crease, extending to the outer corner of your eye in a 'V' shape. "Bring the deeper color past the inner corner of the eye to the bridge of the nose, angling the color inward."


Apply a highlighter color like Anastasia Eye Lights Matte ($21, to the inner eye area and to the brow bone.


Before applying eyeliner — try: Lancôme’s Artliner ($29, — gently pull the outer corner of your eye. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, make the liner thicker and extend the eyeliner out. For the outer corner of the eye the line should be thin and come up at an angle. Tip: "If you have trouble with liquid liner, try making short dash lines, and connecting them," says Garner.


Next up: Mascara. For drama minus the clumping, apply two or three coats of DuWop’s Lash Venom ($24, Then, apply an extra coat to the outer corner for added length.


Now for the magic! Stick a few Make Up For Ever Strass Crystals ($20, onto the corner of your eye — they come in pink, blue, green, and a rainbow of colors — with a dot of Duo Lash Adhesive ($5.99, And you're all done!

We actually tried it, and after giving it a go, here's what we learned: Do NOT go overboard with the bling. Instead, we suggest only adding jewelry to one eye. Then skip the earrings and the necklaces and make your eye the big accessory for the night. Have fun!