Get The Look: Hey Monday's Cassadee, Jersey, And Alex All Rock Jac Vanek Bracelets

Cassadee from Hey Monday shows off her Jac Vanek bracelet.

We noticed a major trend when Hey Monday stopped by the studios for a photo session recently (click here to see all the great photos!). Three of the four band members — Cassadee, Jersey, and Alex — were all wearing the same black-and-white band message bracelets with bold, block lettering. Cassadee's said "For The Kids," while Jersey's said "Trouble," and Alex's was twisted so we couldn't read it (but it was white!). And these wrist decorations have been EVERYWHERE lately, on everyone from Miley Cyrus (she has one that says "It's All Good) to Demi Lovato (hers says "Wallflower"). Want your own? The popular bracelets are by Jac Vanek, and you can pick one up for $10 to $20 at the designer's online store. There are a bunch of different options, too, like "Epic Fail," "Respect," "Let It Be," "Forever Young," and many more. Which message is your favorite? Since it's Friday, ours is definitely the one that says "Trainwreck."


Jersey from Hey Monday shows off his Jac Vanek bracelet.

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