Look By Look: Where To Get The Jeans Katy Perry Wears In Her New 'Teenage Dream' Music Video

Katy Perry just dropped her new music video for 'Teenage Dream' yesterday. And when we watched it, we immediately wanted the low-rise, ripped denim jeans she wears while partying on the beach! (Also, don't you just love how she styled them with combat boots — perfect!) She even gave her pants a special shout-out in the song: "I might get your heart racing / In my skin-tight jeans / Be your teenage dream tonight." Turns out, they're Diesel's Livier 65Z jeans, and you can snap them up for $170 online starting November 15. We know — it's SO. FAR. AWAY. But at least we can play Katy's video on repeat while we suffer through the wait.

Would you wear these jeans?

+ Check out more info about the song at the MTV Buzzworthy blog.