Trending: Glitter Nail Polish Inspired By Lady Gaga

Top: Bad Romance. Bottom: Across The Universe. Lady Gaga photo by Getty Images

What would happen if you captured all the personality and style of Lady Gaga and bottled them into a nail color? That’s what celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann wondered after her first meeting with the singer. The end result is a deep, sparkly shade of burgundy named after one of the pop star’s most popular songs, 'Bad Romance.' Dark violet nails are always hot for fall and winter, but we love that this shade has an extra kick of shimmer and sparkle. It makes the color festive and glitzy — two adjectives that go a long way in describing Gaga herself. Lippmann also did another glittery color named 'Across The Universe,' which mixes shades of navy and metallic green. It’s GORGEOUS, and we’ll wear it all the way into the New Year.

+ Not ready for sparkles? Lippmann is also the manicurist responsible for the cool gray color Lady Gaga wore for the September issue of Vanity Fair. It's named Waking Up In Vegas (Katy Perry is unrelated), and it's $16. But we say, GO FOR GLITTER.

+Price: $18 each.

+Get It: Bad Romance and Across The Universe at

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