Trending: Single Earrings That Make A Statement

Photo: Getty; Patricia Field; Urban Outfitters

Ke$ha isn't the type of girl who’s afraid to try something new (blue lips and glitter body paint, anyone?). And while we're hesitant to go around looking like a sparkly Smurf, there is one look of hers we do want to try: A single statement earring — so cute, it put our boring studs to shame. We're loving this red feather earring ($52) from Patricia Field, the genius costume designer who styled all the ladies from Sex and the City. It’s great for those easing into the trend since it’s sleeker and doesn’t quite have the in-your-face factor of Ke$ha’s bundle. Other than feathers, chains also look great, like this draped earring from Urban Outfitters ($16). The pretty gold chain goes around the top of your ear and hangs all the way to the neck, elongating your face and packing in some serious style. So, think you'll have a dangle at this trend?

+Price: $16 and $52.

+Get It: Patricia Field’s Single Rooster Feather Earring and Urban Outfitter’s Ear Hanger With Draped Chain.

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