Video: 2AM Club Says Fashion Has 'Turned Into One Of The Biggest Parts Of What We Do'

From left: Tyler, Sauce, Marc, Ian, Dave, and Matt.
Photo: Brian Appio/MTV

2AM Club stopped by the studios recently to talk about their funk/pop/rock/soul/hip-hop/new wave/electro band, which consists of singer Marc Griffin, emcee Tyler Cordy, guitarist Matt Reagan, keyboard player Dave Dalton, drummer Ian O'Neill, and bassist Matt "Sauce" Warshauer. Since this six-person group is on the rise — they were even featured as MTV's PUSH artist last week — we chatted with them about how their style reflects their music. What they said may surprise you. Watch the videos below for their full interviews about fashion.

+ Style Matters, According to Marc from 2AM Club

"It's funny because in the beginning, when we were starting out in L.A., we didn't — or, at least for me — I didn't care [about fashion], I didn't think about it that much ... And then, as you start to move on in your career, and play more shows, the visual that you give off as a band is just as important as the music that people hear, so it's turned into one of the biggest parts of what we do."

+ Marc's Favorite Clothes

"I actually stole a T-shirt with the iconic girl from Les Misérables on it from Sauce and I like it so much. But I can't really wear it because when you really, really like something, you can't lose it, especially for me because I tend to lose things."

+ Click here to see more photos of the guys from 2AM Club!

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