Swagger Alert: Do You Prefer Justin Bieber In Streetwear Or Justin Bieber In A Suit?

On stage; With Ciara on August 6. Look at how he GRABS her.
Photo: Getty Images

Justin Bieber pulled a MAJOR swagger move on us over the weekend. He converted one of his most famous stage outfits — his white jacket, white pants, and purple vest — into a business look. Let's break it down: The streetwear look is his big performance outfit from his My World Tour, which we've seen in a bunch of times. But, in a move that can only come from those who have attempted to master swagger, he transformed his stage look into something more formal when he spoke at New Look Foundation's First Annual World Leadership Awards in Atlanta over the weekend. He kept the hint of purple under his outerwear by putting on a purple button-down, and he kept the suit light, just like his white jacket and pants. IMPRESSIVE. And ... he's wearing sneakers! Can't give those up, right? We're digging business suit Justin a lot. Mainly because we've seen him in hoodies all the time, and this suit look proves he can still look young and fresh even when he's all gussied up.

+ Tell us: Which do you prefer — streetwear Justin or business-suit Justin?