Who Wore It Better? Roxy Olin or 'America's Next Top Model' Alum Jade Cole’s Beige Banded Dress

Roxy Olin on July 7. Jade Cole on August 4.

Photo: Getty Images

Since beige is summer's hottest color, it’s no surprise that everyone wants a piece of the biggest trend this season. And Jade Cole and Roxy Olin both scooped up the same banded style dress by Supertrash (you can snap up your own online at Supertrash.us for $220). Jade Cole, the third-place winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 6, wore the dress last week to the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew fall campaign launch. Meanwhile, The City's Roxy Olin wore the mini to a New York screening of The Sorcerer's Apprentice on July 7. She styled it under a black and ochre jacket and accessorized her look with a bold black bangle and cute scarlet pumps. We thought Roxy’s dowdy jacket was mismatched with the skin-tight dress, but she definitely wore it better than Jade. Between Jade’s sunglasses, dangly earrings, and layers of bracelets, the whole outfit looked a bit trashy to us. Remember, less is more. LESS. IS. MORE.

+ You tell us! Who wore it better — Roxy or Jade?