Robyn Proves There Is No Better Way To Pump Up A Crowd Than By Wearing Gas Pumps On Your Legs

Photo: Andrew Ross Rowe/MTV Iggy

Robyn performed at Webster Hall in New York on both Wednesday and Thursday night this week, and our friends over at MTV Iggy were lucky enough to snap some pictures from her first night's performance. We must admit, we expected great things from the Swedish singer's performance outfits. AND SHE DELIVERED. On Wednesday night, she wore funky yellow leggings with polka dots and gas pumps all over them. The bottoms are from designer Jeremy Scott's spring 2009 collection, which was aptly named Let Them Eat Gas. Sadly, since they're from last year, these are no longer available for sale. So, we're consoling ourselves by making up ridiculous Pump It Up puns in the meantime ... such as, don't these leggings make you PUMPED to hear her music? She really knows how to pump up a crowd, right? No? OK, fine. We'll keep ourselves pumped in private.

+ Do you like Robyn's leggings? Would you wear them?

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Photo: Andrew Ross Rowe/MTV Iggy;