Look By Look: A Closer Look At The 26-Plus Outfits In Dev's New 'Booty Bounce' Video

When someone says they want to see some booty bounce, we're not too sure good things are going to come from it. But the Los Angeles singer Dev proved us and our jiggle fears all wrong. Her new video for her song 'Booty Bounce' — which just dropped TODAY on MTV.com — is full of good things! Particularly, a slew of amazing streetwear outfits that make us what to, ahem, drop it like it's hot. Seriously, it look like she had a shopping spree on Karmaloop with no regrets. (Been there, done that.) Do we have a new music video fashion diva on our hands? We think so.

+ Scroll down to see all the amazing video looks!

This scene has our favorite look — the black and white dress on the left side with a bandeau top underneath. It looks so comfy and gives your body lots of room to bounce around, should you choose to. And we must acknowledge that animal-inspired hat, for no reason other than to say OK, we see it. Moving on.

An appearance of tie-dye jeans! Applause.

The large pink hoops aren't our favorite, but the gray and purple leggings are.

Nice jumper! They're the same pattern as the leggings!

We want every single one of these looks. We're Googling that scarf right now. And 'The Rest Is Her Story' shirt. And the blue jacket. And ... OK, we're stopping now.

This keeps getting better! HELLO HAREM PANTS! But our favorite in this scene is a tie between the shades and the shoes.

Suspenders! Yes, we need to own some, Urkel-style. And is it just us, or does the trim on that hoodie look like shark teeth? Cool.

We're digging the fingerless gloves on the left here. And the Charlie Brown-style yellow and black top!

+ Inspired yet? Which look is your favorite?

UPDATE: All of her clothes are from Hellz Bellz's new fall collection. Dev interned at the streetwear label before she made the move to music!