Video Music Awards 2010: Check Out These New, Glamorous Photos Of Nicki Minaj

Photo: Kristian Dowling / PictureGroup

The 2010 Video Music Awards are still over a month away (September 12, mark your calendar!), which means we're getting fun little teasers now, like new images from Nicki Minaj's promo shoot. Judging from her fifties-inspire outfits, we're already excited for the style that's going to come from that night's show. Think Old Hollywood glamour with a twist of sexy, spandex, and wigs.

Here are our 5 favorite things about Nicki Minaj's VMA promo-shoot looks:

1. In the above photo, she's making helmet hair look sexy. Spandex helps, we must say. And are those boots latex?

2. Below, she has a green pedicure. WE LOVE. (See some favorites, here!)

3. Her dress reminds us of the lady-like clothes we saw in Louis Vuitton's fall 2010 collection — below-the-knee hems and an emphasis on cleavage.

4. Three wigs: Blond, orange with curls, and red bangs. The orange is our favorite — she might be the only one to be able to pull off a hairnet and make it look fabulous.

5. GLOVES!!!!!!!!!! So glamorous. And sanitary.

+ What's your favorite thing?

Photo: Kristian Dowling / PictureGroup

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