Let's Talk About ... Why Does Fergie Keep Wearing Hip Flaps?

Avon party on August 4, BET Awards on June 27.
Photo: Getty Images; PictureGroup

Fergie is a flapper! At least, she like flaps on her dresses, particularly in the hip area. Last night, at the launch party for her Avon Outspoken fragrance in Newark, New Jersey, she wore a black dress with ochre panels on both sides of her body. Typically, these are amazing slimming colors when worn together, except the light-hued ruffles that draped down the front of her hips and over her rump counterbalanced the whole optical illusion effect. And she's done this before. At the BET Awards in June, Fergie wore a black and white paneled dress with a tailcoat down the back by Antonio Berardi. Are you as puzzled as we are by her obsession with these extra-material dresses? Especially, when she looks so amazing minus the hip/butt flaps, like in something like this.

+ Do you like her extra-emphasized assets? Or should she drop the flaps?