Would You Wear One Of These Lady Gaga Costumes?

The costume retailer Costume Craze is launching a collection of Lady Gaga-inspired costumes that are set to drop in time for Halloween (less than three months away!), and images of the line just dropped. So, we browsed through the looks, and the clothes don't just mimic the superstar, they are EXACT interpretations of her outfits, such as the American Flag two-piece from 'Telephone,' and her white outfit from the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (which is our favorite, for obvious reasons). But, WAIT, isn't the best part about dressing up like Lady Gaga is that her little monsters make their own costumes? You tell us.

+ Would you wear one of these Lady Gaga costumes?


Disco ball dresses from her Fame Ball tour.

Left: The blue unitard from her 'Poker Face' video. Right: Unknown. (Any idea?)

PICK A WIG, ANY WIG: Lady Gaga's multiple hairstyles, from blond highlights to soda-can curlers.

ACCESSORIES, LADY GAGA-STYLE: Oversize shades, anyone?

MORE ACCESSORIES: Face tattoos from 'Just Dance,' gloves from 'Poker Face,' and makeup to draw lightning bolts across your lids.

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