Inside the Party: Ke$ha Spewed Glitter On Us Last Night, And We Liked It

Photo: Getty Images

Excuse us, we're just waking up from our glitter-filled dream last night, only to realize it was REAL. That's what happens when you're thisclose to a Ke$ha concert, which we were last night when she performed at Casio's Shock The World party at the Manhattan Center in New York. And we have the glitter that won't come off all over our shoulders to prove it (yes, it touched us!).

The 23-year-old singer was in town to promote her new role as brand ambassador for Casio's Baby G-Shock watches (actor Bryan Greenberg and Khloe Kardashian's new hubby Lamar Odom also scored that gig). Because, hello, TIK TOK, this girl LOVES TIME. But before any type of glitter extravaganza performance (which we'll get to, hold on) Ke$ha rocked a total of three outfits for one event.

Photo: Getty Images

First, she attended a press conference, where she wore distressed Indianapolis Colts tee with countless holes in it, studded leather silver shorts, and worn-in work boots, a look she described to us as "tough and fun." Why, yes it is! But then, when she switched over to the party that night, she ditched the tomboy look, threw on a one-shoulder black dress, and went crazy for face paint. Her lips were blue. Blue? BLUE.

She piled on even more blue paint when she took the stage to perform a five-song set for the audience filled of writers and editors, drawing a shape of a shimmery shooting star around her right eye, an inspiration taken straight from KISS's playbook (the chapter on The Starchild Paul Stanley, to be exact). She finished the look — our favorite of the three — with metallic, sparkles, and GLITTER EVERYWHERE. She also had on gold sequin shorts and fishnet tights with an underlay of metallic splotches. And while her tank didn't feature something shiny, it did have an image of Van Halen and a lion on it. Feisty.

Which is why we totally rushed the stage to get a closer look when this glitter fiend went to perform. It felt almost instinctual. Before we even thought to stop ourselves, we had an almost-front row seat. And we're happy we did. Because when the tune of 'Your Love Is My Drug' blasted through the speakers ... IT HAPPENED. As soon as she started banging on her massive drums with mallets, a glitter explosion blasted off. The individual specks jumped off the stage and landed RIGHT ON US. It was like she wanted to sprinkle us magic fairy dust! And it felt just like we always imagined it would — great.