Lauren Conrad To Launch Another Clothing Line That Will Be More 'Boutique'

Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images

Lauren Conrad and her girlfriends are at it again — no, it’s not another reality series. The former star of The Hills announced that she’s working on a new fashion line with a group of her besties. This is her third line, and she's only 24! Line one was her eponymous collection full of flirty jersey dresses that was put on hold last year. Line two was her Lauren Conrad Collection with Kohl’s full of tees, tanks, and jeans.

But she's doing something different this time around, as she told People magazine. She said the new collection will be contemporary, boutique, and glam. "This will be more specialty basics, more of a boutique line. It will be at a higher price point. It will be very different." (Hmm, sounds very similar to a basics line Whitney is launching!) We’re excited to see something a little more upscale from the LA lady. Plus, you know what they say, third time's a charm.

+ Are you excited for another clothing line from Lauren?