We Are Witnessing A Rise Of The Tutu: Katy Perry, Pixie Lott, And Natalie Portman All Rock The Dancewear

Katy pre-sashay in a white tutu.
Photo: Lai Seng Sin/AFP/Getty Images

Is Katy Perry a California Girl turned ballerina? It certainly looked that way when she rocked out at MTV World Stage Live in a white ballerina number — complete with leotard and tutu! — on Saturday in Kuaka Lumpur, Malaysia. Silver sparkles and studs gave the gorgeous white outfit some bling, and Katy even performed atop a banana split ... YUM. But we're not used to seeing so much sashay-ready wear on stage, as last year was dominated by gymnastics-inspired spandex (think Gaga, Miley, Rihanna, Beyonce). Could it be — are tutus the new leotards?

Quite possibly! After all, we saw Natalie Portman in a tutu last month, too, when images from her forthcoming movie Black Swan (which debuts September 1) hit the Internet. Natalie’s strapless black costume, designed by Rodarte, showed off beautiful beading and a stiffer tulle skirt. And let's not forget about Pixie Lott, who put a grunge twist on her ballerina-inspired dress at a performance in London two weeks ago, showing off a rock-and-roll spin to the feminine look.

So, perhaps it's only a matter of time until everyone trades their spandex in for tulle. Though, for those of us who want to copy their looks, that means it doesn't look like more ass coverage is headed our way anytime soon. But, that's OK. At least with ballerina tutus, we're getting closer! Baby steps.

Katy Perry, Natalie Portman in Rodarte, and Pixie Lott.
Photo: Kristian Dowling/PictureGroup; Ian Gavan/Getty