Video: Gymnastics Champion Nastia Liukin On Sparkles, Spandex, And Non-Retirement

Nastia Liukin has accomplished more in her 20 years than we could ever imagine, namely winning five Olympic medals for gymnastics in 2008 (have you SEEN her tumble?!). And now her You Go Girl list is getting even longer, as she just launched a clothing line named Supergirl by Nastia, a collection of dancewear and clothes for young girls that's sold exclusively at JCPenney. A budding designer who knows how to back flip on a four-inch wide beam? We're INTRIGUED. So, we caught up with the Olympian last week at the studios to find out about how she designs. Plus, she also revealed her real thoughts on spandex ("not the biggest fan of it"), what she thinks about celebrities wearing leotards (like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus), and if she's going to make another Olympic run in 2012 (we hope she does, don't you?). Watch the videos below to find out.


"I've had a lot of say in what I wanted to see in the line and bringing my own fashion ideas and thoughts to the table. I'm not very artistic, so I didn't actually sketch anything on paper, but I had a lot of ideas in my mind and worked with a really great design team ... It's been kinda fun to do something outside of my element … I would absolutely love to progress into maybe something, I don't know, a collection for teens and girls more my age as well."


"I've definitely noticed that a lot of celebrities — Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus — they've all gotten into the leotard look. I'd keep my leotards in the gymnastic gym, I don't think I'd go out in public in them. I'm in the spotlight in a leotard enough, I don't think I'd go out in one in the streets. But it is cool to see because you kind of feel like you relate to them."


"No, I'm not retired yet … by the end of the year I'm going to decide whether or not I'm going to go for 2012 … the passion is definitely still there, and it will always still be there. I don't know, I'll be weighing my options and seeing what I have in store and sitting down with my parents — my dad's my coach — so just to get advice from a bunch of different people."


"Not the biggest fan of it, but that's what we have to train in, so I've gotten used to it. All the leotards pretty much fit the same, so they're not uncomfortable. White isn't always our favorite, because leotards are see-through anyway, so when you're wearing white, it's like 'Oh, OK, look at me!'"