Look We Want: Hacked-Off Hair Like Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson. On left: June 6; On right: July 24.
Photo: Getty Images

Scarlett Johansson debuted a new hairstyle at Comic Con Saturday, and we're loving the shorter, less fussy tousled look. It's so summer! Other than ScarJo, Selena Gomez and Kirsten Dunst both took on Summer 2010 with major hackjobs as well. Why? Well, Dyana Nematallah of New York's Yves Durif salon, who has styled the tresses of Mick Jagger and Daphne Guinness, told us that the cut is perfect because it’s so versatile. “It’s long enough that you can still put it up and out of your face, but short enough to wear it down and messy for a sexier look,” she said.


• Nematallah suggests asking your stylist for a textured, long bob with lots of layers.

• Run texture spray or wax (like CHI's Infra Texture Hair Spray, $6.50) through almost-dry hair and create loose curls with a curling iron with a medium or large barrel, depending on how much curl you want.

• “Also, don’t be afraid to twist strands of hair with your fingers and create waves that way, too,” Nematallah says.

+ Do these ladies make you want to hack off your hair?

Selena Gomez. On left: March 31; On right: July 20.
Photo: Getty Images

Kirsten Dunst. On left: April 23; On right: May 20.
Photo: Getty Images