Let's Talk About ... Ed Westwick Got All Chesty On Us, And We Liked It

Photo: Picture Group

We usually see Ed Westwick as the dapper Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. But when he's not in character, he really lets loose, like at last night's CW summer press preview in Beverly Hills, where the 23-year-old showed up wearing a wayyyyy low-cut gray shirt. Look at all that chest hair! Each strand is like a tiny magical strand dotting his chest.

He finished his outfit with even more thoughtful toppings, like tight black pants with zippers on the thigh (how LMFAO of him), stacked charm bracelets (not just for the ladies!), and magenta lace-up boots. We're loving this look. It says, 'Yeah, drool over me, I know you want to.' And we want to.

+ Do you like guys in deep-V tees like Ed?

And, below, a closer look at his Chesticle Situation ...

Photo: Picture Group