Check Out 20 Creative Teens Who Went To Prom Wearing Clothes They Made From Duct Tape

Left: Second place winners. Center: 1st place winners. Right: Finalists.

Even though it's summer, school is over, and prom is long gone (for us, it's YEARS away), the winners of the 10th annual Duck Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship contest were just announced this week and our jaws DROPPED when we saw what some students wore. Basically, the students were charged with making entire outfits out of duct tape, and the winners each got $3,000. Over 235 couples from 43 states competed, and the competition was STIFF. Girls made duct tape DRAPE (it sounds impossible, but it can be done), and guys dressed in three-piece suits made of the sticky stuff.

But the winners, Arizona teens Ray Banna, 18, and Yancy Esquivel, 17 (above, center), they went nuts with duct tape. They used 30 rolls and spent 300 hours to make their white and blue outfits. And do you see those swirls? ALL HAND DRAWN. "I wanted to create something realistic and wearable," Ray, an Arizona State University freshman, told us when we chatted with him about his design. "It was my senior prom and I wanted to go out with a bang, so I went with a white tux." Yancy told us she remembers staying up late for weeks to finish the gown, which had a halter strap and full skirt, but says it was all worth it in the end. "I felt very princess like," she said. "The dress was so elegant, and I would totally wear it again ... except it was so hot!"

+ Would you wear clothes made out of duct tape?

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