Show Us Your Style: The Allure Of Fast Fashion

With trends being so fluid — one year espadrilles are in, and the next they're collecting dust in your closet — we wanted to find out how you shop for trendy items. So, we hit up the eclectic crowd huddled in Times Square for our latest installment of Show Us Your Style to find out. There we met Isabella from Great Britain, who told us: "I like affordable fashion because everybody deserves to look good." WE SECOND THAT, as does Julianna from Florida, who said that when she shops she "looks for affordability and style" at places like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. And Ariel of Queens, New York told us that she shops for things that make her feel comfortable, which she usually finds at Express and H&M. As for spending money, she said: "I don't have a price range, as long as I have enough money for it, hey, why not?" Yes, WHY NOT. Shop away, people!

+ Click the video to watch all the interviews! Plus, tell us: Where is your favorite place to shop?