Olivia Palermo Plans Her Own Clothing Line, Behind-The-Scenes With Taylor Momsen And Madonna, And More Fashion News

Olivia Palermo.
Photo: Getty Images

Olivia Palermo what she would love to design if she ever does a line: "I do love menswear, so I would probably throw in a few blazers and pant suits into the collection. It would have to be consistent though, that's something you have to keep in mind when you're designing." {British Vogue}

• See behind-the-scenes pictures from Madonna's Material Girl shoot. {Coco Perez}

Willow Smith and Rihanna have the same stylist. Willow, 9, also wants to create her own fashion line. GO GIRL. {Contact Music}

Tommy Hilfiger (the brand, not the man himself) turns 25! {WWD}

• The Pope gets a baseball cap! {Racked}

Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers line is making school supplies for Target. {Elle Girl}

• Check out the album cover artwork released by Taylor Momsen's band. Is that baby Taylor we're seeing? {Just Jared}

Rachel Zoe names the biggest moments in her rise to stardom. {InStyle}

Forever 21 makes sure you look good in their dressing rooms! The budget retailer tilts its mirrors and uses special lighting to make shoppers look better. {Refinery29}

• There's a mile-long pink catwalk at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Models + towering heels + long runway = recipe for disaster! {Styleite}

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