VIDEO: J. Cole On Style — I Want To Get A Chain Just To 'Glow A Little Bit'

Photo: MTV/Circe Baumgartner

When J. Cole, one of Jay-Z's Roc Nation emcee protégés and winner of the MTV2 Who Got Next Sucker Free Summit Award, stopped by the studios recently, we attacked him with style questions. Mainly because he always comes DRESSED, so we were curious to find out his thoughts on fashion. Turns out, J. Cole knows more than a thing or two. He uses his saggy pants style as a representation of rebellion against 9 to 5 jobs (oh, we hear you!), and he's a fan of Rihanna and Cassie's half-shaved heads. He also told us that he doesn't like bold, over-the-top bling. What?! We're SHOCKED. But that might change! He said after seeing the massive diamond-encrusted pieces on the necks of Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy, he might cave and get a piece for himself. Watch the videos below to hear more.


"I'm actually thinking about going to get my first chain. I'm not into anything super flashy. I'm just tired of going to all these shows, like I do a summer jam and Waka Flocka's there, Gucci [Mane]'s there, or [Young] Jeezy's there and they come out and they're just shining like a light bulb, you know? It's against my whole beliefs as a rapper, but when you see it like that, you're like 'Hold up. You're not about to be out here shining on me boy.' So I'm thinking about getting a little chain or something. Just something to just glow a little bit."


"I'm a sucker for Rihanna — remember when she cut this side off and she got the hair over here. Or even Cassie. If you do that, that means you've got ultra confidence in yourself for you to shave your entire left side — how crazy is that? I like that when it's done well and worn well."


"I feel like when I got my deal, I sag so much harder now. Because man I feel like I'm never going to get — well, hopefully — I'm never going to get a 9 to 5. I'm never going to go on job interviews. So it's kind of my rebellion to the world. I'm going to sag my jeans."

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