Joe Jonas Proves There Is A Sexy Way To Wear Hair Gel

Photo: Teen Vogue/Picture Group

The August issue of Teen Vogue just came out, and Joe Jonas landed the cover, alongside his ex, Demi Lovato, for a James Dean-inspired, fifties-style shoot. But in these shots, we’re only paying attention to Joe. That’s because he looks greasy in the best way possible! His pants are rolled, his plaid shirts is slightly unbuttoned … and THAT HAIR. It’s slicked back with so much gel that it looks like it’s frozen in place! And WE DON’T EVEN HATE IT! See, hair gel can be a sexy thing when applied correctly. That’s why we’ve made these handy comparisons between Joe Jonas, The Prince of Gentlemanly Gel, and his reality-television star counterpart, DJ Pauly D, The King of Jersey Guy Hair Gel. What a difference, right? All gelled ’dos are not created equal.

+ Who rocks hair gel better — Joe Jonas or Pauly D?

Photo: Teen Vogue/Picture Group

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