Drama's Streetwear Brand Young And Reckless May Expand Into Boxers

Well, hello, hustler! We've been watching Chris "Drama" Pfaff on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory show for a while now, and we've seen how much he's MATURED. Before, he was cousin Dyrdek's personal assistant ... and now. Well, now, he's a mini mogul in his own right. And, may we say, he's after our own little style hearts ... he's a FASHION MAN!

He created his own streetwear label named Young and Reckless (sold at PacSun, among other places), a name that plays off one of our most favorite soap operas EVER, The Young And The Restless. Coincidence? We certainly hope not! And he's so INCLUSIVE. In an interview with MTV, he said he wants to make his designs available in malls and suburbs across America. And he won't stop there. "For the future of Young and Reckless, I plan to make it as big as I can. I'll go as far as boxers and spaghetti sauce!" Spoken like a true hustler. Watch the video below to see more.

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