Robert "R-Patz" Pattinson Inspires Underwear Line Named "R-Pants"

Twi-hards aren't the only ones who want to get into Robert Pattinson's pants. British department store Marks & Spencer announced plans to launch an underwear line inspired by Robert Pattinson's tight trouser look named R-Pants, the Guardian reports.

The collection will include low-rise briefs and trunks designed for a slim fit, meaning they won't bunch up under tight pants like the kind that R-Patz and the hipster types typically wear (though, despite zooming on his photo 400 percent in Photoshop, it can not be confirmed that he wears briefs). They hit stores in September.

And while the line is inspired by R-Patz, he's not officially involved, nor will he be part of its ad campaign. Sigh. Our dreams of seeing him lounging in his manderwear are crushed! Though, if he was, we imagine the ads would look a little something like this (see right). Only with less pecs.

+ Would you buy Robert Pattinson-inspired underwear? Should he be the face of an underwear line?