Trending: Vegan-Friendly Eyeshadow In Six Fun Colors

One brand that we've been keeping our eyes on is Urban Decay. Half of the company's line is vegan-friendly, which means there are no animal byproducts or animal testing, which is great for animal lovers anywhere (like us!). That's why we were so excited when they decided to release a limited-edition Vegan Palette this month ($34), which features six of their top-selling vegan shades in one place. The kit includes some fabulous fall shades like deep brown (Twice Baked), gray (Gunmetal), and shimmery bronze (Smog), as well as a standout turquoise (Minx). While the colors seem overly saturated, they actually go on quite sheer, which is perfect if you need a quick swoop across the lids. Plus, the palette includes other vegan items to make your eyes pop, like primer, liner, and a mirror for on-the-go touch ups. Even the packaging is vegan-friendly as well, adorned with intricate colorful images of animals made with soy-based inks. We're definitely going to bring this with us everywhere.

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