Look We Want: Ombre Hair Like Ashlee Simpson-Wentz

Photo: Picture Group

We've been loving Ashlee Simpson's rich ombre waves lately. (FYI: And ombre style is when the color graduates slightly from top to bottom ... it's like getting your hair dyed so it looks like your roots grew out ON PURPOSE). And she's not the only one to rock this look. Gorgeous brunettes like Rachel Bilson and Alexa Chung have also been keeping their ends light and roots darker. What is it about this hue that makes it so perfect right now?

We asked Keith Shore, a senior colorist at NYC's Sally Herberger Salon who colors brunettes like Eva Mendes, to weigh in. "We're in the middle of summer, but fall fashion is coming out in magazines, and people are getting excited for fall," Shore told us. "Rich raven and auburn color are a natural progression from summer blond to a winter chocolate."

Well, we'll tell you THIS. We know someone who tried very, very, very hard to get this look and it didn't work. They were so miserable because instead of lots of dye, they only got little highlighted strands. OMBRE FAIL. So if you're going to do it: DO IT. Go big and shove your ends in bleach or leave it be. There is no in between.

+ Would you dip your hair in dye like Ashlee, Rachel, and Alexa?

Photo: Getty/PictureGroup