Want To Smell Like Katy Perry? She's Launching A Perfume Named Purr!

Photo: Picture Group

There must be a celebrity rule that we don't know about that you're not 100 percent legit until you attach your name to a perfume. EVERYONE HAS ONE. And now ... so does Katy Perry! After developing the scent for a year, she just released the news this morning. Her fragrance will be called Purr. "I kept wanting to tell someone!" she told WWD today.

The scent itself combines notes of peaches, apples, and green bamboo. FRUITY. Playing off a feline-theme for the name, the bottle design was inspired by Katy's Catwoman performance outfit, and will be cat-shaped with jeweled eyes. Her "purr"-fume will be sold exclusively at Nordstrom for $36 to $65 depending on the bottle size starting this November. MEOW.

+ Do you want to smell like Katy?