Show Us Your Style: Summer Bags You Can't Live Without

Do you have a special relationship with your bag? We do. It's such a personal accessory! It stashes all your private and essential stuff, from makeup to sneakers to parking tickets. So for the latest Show Us Your Style, we headed to Washington Square Park in New York to find out what kind of bags YOU trust with your most important items. There we met Allison, who wears a burgundy crossbody bag by Free People because she can't stand carrying totes. Jackie, a Zac Posen intern, bought her Aldo bag after seeing it on a model at a casting call. And Maya scored her picnic basket-inspired bag at the Brooklyn vintage shop Odd Twin. "I do a lot of vintage shopping in general because it's unique and cheaper and it has more of a story." Yes, girls, BAG IT UP.

+ Click the video below to see more bags! And, tell us, what's your favorite bag?