Interview: Design Duo The Blonds Discuss The Popularity Of Their Spike-Shoulder Dress Worn By Kristin Cavallari, Rihanna, And Kim Cattrall

Rihanna in November, Kristin on July 19, and Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City.
Photo: SplashNews; Getty; Facebook/sexandthecity

Did you see what Kristin Cavallari wore to the Salt premiere in Los Angeles last night? It was scandalous and revealing in the best way possible! The former star of The Hills rocked a gray dress with spiky shoulders a deep, DEEP cowl neck by designers Phillipe and David Blond of the fashion label The Blonds. She looked so bold. And confident. And as soon as we saw this photo of her we thought ... we've seen this look before. Not once. TWICE. Rihanna wore a red version back in November after her record release party in New York, and we also spotted it on Kim Cattrall when she played Samantha Jones in Sex And The City 2 a few months ago. The power of one dress with dangerous shoulders! So, we caught up with the design duo today to find out more about their popular design. Read on to find out what inspired them to create this look. Plus, who do you think wore it best — Rihanna, Kristin, or Kim? See who the Blonds picked below.

Phillipe and David Blond.
Courtesy of Blonds New York

What was your inspiration for designing this dress?

Phillipe: "I needed something to wear for my birthday and I'm obsessed with the color red — I am a Leo after all. We worked with Noir Jewelry (we were working with Noir designer Leeora Catalan on pieces for Katy Perry’s VMA dress at the time) for the shoulders and David and I came up with this red number!"

How did you create it?

Phillipe: "We were experimenting with jewelry components and wearing them on different, non-traditional parts of the body and like magic they ended up on my shoulders!"

What kind of woman is attracted to this dress?

David: "Our garments tend to attract women that have strong self confidence and, needless to say, a sharp wit. Any woman could wear this dress and have an amazing adventure."

Do you recommend this should be worn with or without a shirt underneath?

David: "There are so many ways to style this particular piece, it's so short it can be worn with leggings or jeans as a top and its also reversible so you can opt to wear the cowl in the back."

Kristin, Rihanna, and Kim all wear it so differently. Who would you say looked the best?

David: "They ALL look amazing! Our goal is to make all women feel gorgeous and confident at any age (or hair color!). We always say 'You don't have to be blonde to be BLOND!'"

+ Want this in your closet? It'll cost you. The piece is available for special order only. The starting price is $5,000, and goes up depending on sizing and the amount of extras (like jewels, chains, and spikes) on the shoulders.