The Multiple Ways To Wear Audrina Patridge's 'Hills' Finale Red Carpet Dress

Photo: PictureGroup; Singer22

Our first thought when we saw Audrina Patridge walk the red carpet last week for The Hills: A Hollywood Ending finale last week was, 'That dress is SO AUDRINA.' The vibrant fuchsia color flaunted her beautiful spray tan, it showed off all her (ahem) assets, and it made her leg look miles long. We found the dress, which is the Ciara dress by Boulee Designs. It's sold on for $198. But the dress we saw online seemed to look different than the one we saw on Audrina, particularly that the shoulder cut-out was on the other side. Could it be that Audrina was wearing the dress backwards?

NOPE! That's what we originally thought. But Audrina wore her clothes the RIGHT WAY! We contacted Audrina's stylist, Joey Tierney, who assured us (via photo proof!) that the 25-year-old had the dress on with the tags in the back. Singer22 must have a different version of the dress. Or something.