Let's Talk About ... Miranda Cosgrove's Striped Pink Batwing Top

Photo: Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty

It's Monday, which means we need something bright and fabulous to start the day ... so thank you, , for introducing us to your hot pink striped batwing top. The 17-year-old singer/iCarly star performed at the Country Fair Entertainment Park in Medford, New York on Friday wearing this outfit, and we hope her loose, highlighter-bright striped top kept her nice and cool onstage, because the weather was st-st-steamy this weekend.

But her look isn't all girly: She punks things up with black cut-off shorts, a chunky belt buckle, and stacks of studded bracelets and beaded necklaces. And just when you thought she was all laid-back and hipster ... check out her SHOES. Those black stiletto booties with silver grommet detailing show that the girl's got some diva in her blood, for sure. You gotta love a lady who can mix glam with grunge in 90-degree weather.

+ Do you like her top?