Jennifer Aniston's Fragrance Comes Out Next Week, Forever 21 Collaborates With Lady Gaga Designer, And More Fashion News

Photo: NowSmellThis

Jennifer Aniston is launching her first fragrance next week ... but only in LONDON! As far as the fragrance ads: They show her topless. But at least she smells nice? {Now Smell This}

Forever 21 is doing its first big designer collaboration! Eek! Brian Lichtenberg (the designer who created Lady Gaga's caution-tape look for "Telephone") is teaming up with the megastore, and we can't wait to see what they come up with. {WWD}

• Who wore this sexy striped minidress better ... Paris Hilton or Stephanie Pratt? {The Fashion Patrol}

• Sweet kicks, dudes. {Complex}

• The Girl Scouts have given their logo a makeover! The iconic girl in the emblem now has bangs. {CreativityOnline}

Lindsay Lohan is German GQ's new cover model. Keep on keeping on, girl! {Daily Mail UK}

• A push-up bra with wine hidden in it allows you to get tipsy and have cleavage, all at the same time! Gotta love multitasking. {SheFinds}

• Ebay launched a Fashion App for the iPhone, making it even easier for you to overspend. {WWD}

Jennifer Lopez's children landed a campaign for Gucci! Lucky kids. {NYDN}

• A Chinese mall has just opened a "venting" store for angry women. Hmm. {CocoPerez}

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