Show Us Your Style: Lady Gaga's Little Monsters Aren't Afraid To Wrap Themselves In Caution Tape

There's something about Lady Gaga fans — excuse us, Little Monsters — that gets us going. We're obsessed with her followers almost as much as we love her. They're EVERYWHERE. She has 12,543,369 fans on Facebook (and counting!), her Tweets send Monsters worldwide reeling, and is a go-to Internet site. That's why we had to see Little Monster style with our own eyes when Gaga swung through New York last week. And just like Gaga herself, the Little Monsters we spotted took all of her enviable qualities like energy, creativity, eccentricity, and self-expression and channeled it through themselves (including quite a few people who wrapped themselves in caution tape from the "Telephone" video). As Gaga fan Jonathan told us, with a Diet Coke can roller in his hair: "She inspires me to the fullest. I think I'm going to idolize her for the rest of my life." Watch the video and see for yourself.

+ What do you love about Lady Gaga's style?