Style Spotlight: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Only Getting Better With Age

July 13, July 8, and January 15.
Photo: PictureGroup

Why HELLO there, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. MY HOW YOU'VE GROWN.

We've had a crush on this guy ever since he started the wing-wave in Angels in the Outfield in 1994. (THROWBACK!) And he's still going strong. Lately the 29-year-old has been making the promotional rounds for his new movie Inception and entered a whole new stratosphere of handsomeness. We mean, Leonardo DiCaprio — LEONARDO — is in that movie and the only person we're looking at on the Inception red carpets is JGL. That's a red flag right there. The Style Spotlight is on.

His fashion game is up to par and beyond. In fact, it's hard not to notice him and how well he's been dressing. From what we can gather from his red carpet appearances, Mr. J likes expertly-tailored suits with skinny, thin legs. (Show 'em off, boy!) Sure, he had a little bit of an awkward phase — see the Rambo hair in 10 Things I Hate About You, circa 1999 — but we were pretty awkward around that time in our lives too, so we'll let it slide. Especially now that he's a full-grown fox who manages to pull off bow ties without looking clownish or ironic (see above left). Snaps, kid — that's a fine line to walk.

And Details magazine even picked him as its August cover model, where he appears looking squinty and fabulous, and wearing a nice suit, of course. We're actually loving his short buzzed haircut in the editorial (see below). Don't you just want to rub his head? It's probably so nice and soft. OK, now we're getting weird, we know.

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Photo: Details