Video: Alexis Jordan Believes 'You Don't Have To Show Your Body To Be Noticed'

Photo: MTV

Alexis Jordan is an 18-year-old singer on the rise. She got her start on America's Got Talent, and then started posting videos of herself singing on YouTube. But the big whammie came when Jay-Z signed her to Roc Nation earlier this year (which sparked some people to call her next Rihanna, watch out!). Her first single, Happiness, dropped recently and it's a peppy song that also totally embodies her positive spirit and style.

So, we sat down with the diva-in-training recently to find out about her casual, fun look. "My style relates to my music definitely with the positive aspect," she told us. "I want to show girls that you don't have to show your body to be noticed. You want to keep that mystery. So I want to keep that mystery as my career goes on."

Also — that beautiful red hair you see is REAL and NATURAL and she spends three hours a day on it! "I've had people come up to me and feel inside my hair and be like 'Is that your real hair? Is that your real color? What number is it?'" Freaky! "Yes, people are obsessed with my hair! I hope it doesn't become a trending topic one day."


On how she gets her gorgeous red hair:

MTV Style | Alexis Jordan's Curly Locks

On how her style relates to her music:

MTV Style | Alexis Jordan On Her Music And Style

Alexis Jordan's Happiness video:

Alexis Jordan - "Happiness"