Trending: Watches With Secret Messages

Normal Watches makes timepieces that are unconventionally awesome, and at under $20, super cheap. We've picked out some of our favorites to show you here, like a black wristwatch that says OMFG ($7.99), as in "OMFG, what time is it?!?!" The white model, Social Networking ($15.99), features mini icons of websites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook in place of numbers, which means you'll have plenty of happy reminders to check your e-mail, AIM, or RSS feed every time you look at your wrist. There's also the Love Is The New Hate ($9.99) version, which comes in pink and mauve — so girly, yet so fierce. And if you want to tell it like it is, they have created one that says Facebook Ruined My Life ($7.99). Uh, watch out for that one.

+ Price: $7.99 to $15.99.

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