Lady Gaga Pulls Out Two Different Armani Bras For Her ‘Today Show’ Appearance

Lady Gaga performed this morning on the Today Show, and it was EPIC. It started raining right in the middle of her set. The hair! The smeared eyeliner! She’s only human! And, of course, she brought it with the fashion. We spotted her in clothes we’ve never seen her in before. She had a costume change, as any diva should, pulling out two different bras for her appearance, outfits designed by Giorgio Armani. One had crosses over the nipples, which reminded us of the religious imagery we saw in her video for ’Alejandro.’ Another was a black lace bra, which she barely covered up with a black top. And then she had one more new accessory: Giant white glasses that looked like she draped sparkly breast implants over her eyes. If these appeared on anyone else, we’d think they were crazy. On her, they look just right. Can she do no wrong?

+ Click here to see four more pictures of Lady Gaga performing — including the glasses!!!

What a naughty bra! Though, it has just the right amount of rhinestones.

Sparkly C cups.


Photos: Jemal Countess/Getty