The Top 9 Celebrity Underwear Campaigns Of The Year, Including Zoe Saldana, Megan Fox, and Kellan Lutz

Photo: Courtesy of Calvin Klein

Avatar starlet Zoe Saldana got a new gig! This week Calvin Klein announced that the 32-year-old actress is the face of the label's new underwear campaign, a spot Eva Mendes helmed last year. Well, the campaign just dropped, and she looks SMOKING. She's wearing a black lace triangle bra — sexy and so obviously underwire-free. (What, no love for the over size A cup crowd?) Anyway, this got us thinking ... 2010 has been a HUGE year for celebrities getting paid to pose in their underwear. Megan Fox scored Armani's campaign, as did The Soccer Hunk of Hunks Cristiano Ronaldo. And Kellan Lutz went all Marky Mark for Calvin Klein, showing off his own beautiful Situation. With that said, we rounded up the best celebrity underwear campaigns of the year — and there are nine fabulously near-naked ones ... so far. Clicker beware: It's a drool-fest.

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