Beauty: Ellen Page Departs From Her Minimal Makeup Look With Strong Smoky Eyes

In London on July 7 (left) and July 8 (right).
Photo: Alan Davidson/Picturegroup; Ian Gavan/Getty

Ellen Page is one of the only actresses in Hollywood who we're more accustomed to seeing without makeup than with it. She barely even wore lip gloss in Whip It and Juno, and she's not super into the whole dolled-up red carpet thing (hey, hairspray and false eyelashes aren't for everybody). We applaud the 23-year-old's low-maintenance style, but the best part about it is that when she does glam out, like she did at the premiere of her new film Inception in London today — YOWZA. We love her smoky eyes with a hint of shine in the corners, and the berry-colored lipstick is pretty and elegant. It's a big departure from her laid-back signature look, but it's still refined and not overdone.